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3/10/2016 11:40 pm  #1

Understanding the Fuss about it coasting $60

So I seen a lot blogs saying that the game is not worth $60. I do not understand why people get so over worked about it. 

I understand that It comes from an Indie developer and most game indies do are no more then 50 or 40 or 30. But this is just not an open sandbox its an open universe. With life on them and things to do. No there is not MMO or Co-op or multiplayer. What ever it is. The game is about being limitless, about being able to go where you want and not doing dumb quest like find my... or collect x amount of stuff. Hello games wants us to use our imagination. Make our on quest. Make our own way to the center of the universe. 

I remember when I got assassin'creed I paid 60. Then if I wanted better Weapons I needed to buy the DLC for 25 so I did. Then there was a season pass for 3 new missions that cost another 25. HELLLO!! I just spent 110 on A.C. I stooped playing games like that. Destiny is another game where you needed to buy DLC or season passes. We are so quick to pass judgement. Why do those games get to make us spend so much money? Because its an AAA game or because it came from a big company? 

Feeling better on that i wrote this down. I am so happy for this game to come out. I do not think i will have a life outside of this game. 


3/11/2016 3:40 am  #2

Re: Understanding the Fuss about it coasting $60

I think the game is worth  $60, heck I'm getting the $80 limited edition myself. Sony isn't treating it like it's only a game made by an indie company and I'm glad they are doing that. NMS looks better than a lot of so called AAA games. What actually makes a game AAA anyway? Who decides that? I think once the word gets out about how good the game is, people won't have a problem with the price. 

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3/12/2016 9:07 am  #3

Re: Understanding the Fuss about it coasting $60

The fact this discussion even exists annoys me. Personally I was always expecting a $60 price tag. Besides the fact that you'll basically be able to get hundreds of hours of gameplay from NMS, I look at it this way... Let's say you have no idea who made the game. A small studio? Some giant company made up of hundreds of employees? If you had no idea who was making this game, would you still have an issue with the $60 asking price? I think not.

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3/12/2016 11:23 am  #4

Re: Understanding the Fuss about it coasting $60

Exactly, we wouldnt even think twice. It should br fair game for all big or small. Very true!!!

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