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3/23/2016 1:02 pm  #1

PS4 Flight Controller for No Man's Sky

I was thinking it might be cool to try and play No Man's Sky with a flight controller, and wireless keyboard, rather than the traditional ps4 controller/controller keypad. As if I were in a mech-suit while on planets and actually flying a ship when not. The only PS4 licensed flight controller setup on the market that I've been able to find right now is the "Thrustmaster Hotas 4".

HOWEVER, if you look closely on their website, under the compatibility list, the only title on the list is War Thunder. So I emailed Thrustmaster to verify the controller would work without issue. This is the generic letter they sent back:

Regarding your T.Flight Hotas 4.
We thank you for your interest in Thrustmaster products and for reaching us regarding your inquiry.All the necessary software support and details have been provided to all major game developers precisely for this purpose - the inclusion of our products in the list of supported gaming devices for upcoming releases and updates.
At this moment though we cannot reveal any details regarding their compatibility. This will be possible only after the official release of the game.
For additional details regarding the compatibility of this product with PS4 games please check the following page:
(I'm not allowed to include links in my first post)
When we will be able to confirm any other compatible games the list found on that page will be updated. We thank you for your understanding and we rest at your disposal for any other inquiries.
Thrustmaster Technical Support is at your disposal for any other information you may need. You can reach us online at the following addresses:(I'm not allowed to include links in my first post) for the latest updates and FAQs or by telephone at one of the numbers listed on the following page: (I'm not allowed to include links in my first post)
Your Thrustmaster Customer Support Agent, Octavian

So in other words, buy our $70 controller now and hope it works, or wait an indefinite amount of time for us to eventually update our website sometime after the game is released.

Has anyone owned any of Thrustmaster's products before? Do you think it will work? Is there another brand/model that I don't know about that will be a more solid bet? Questions, comments,concerns,and compliments welcome. I look forward to seeing you all in the center of the galaxy.


3/23/2016 2:27 pm  #2

Re: PS4 Flight Controller for No Man's Sky

You know, I never thought about using a flight stick with the game. I didn't even know anyone made one for the PS4. I have used Thrustmaster products in the past with PC. They make pretty good products.
Also, welcome to the site!

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4/02/2016 6:00 pm  #3

Re: PS4 Flight Controller for No Man's Sky

So I decided to think-positive, bite the bullet and buy the thrustmaster hotas 4 fllght controls. Two new things tipped the balance ib favor of buying. 1: a review on amazon said you can reassign button functionality easily, and someone was using it with elite dangerous. 2: amazon has a promotion for current prime members to sign up fir a credit card, and get a free $80 gift card. I'll cancel the credit card in a month or two, i have no need for another card, and in the meantime it made the controls free. Combind that with a wireless keyboard and strap moon-shoes to my feet and i'm ready to immerse myself in NMS.

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