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3/23/2016 10:41 pm  #1

No Man's Sky diversity

I'm excited to see the different types of ecosystems and creatures, but I'm wondering what other features the game might have namely different formations in space.

- Asteroid Belts and Comets, maybe able to mine those?
- Black Holes, be really cool to see what goes on around them.
- Binary Stars, what kind of planets would be around those?
- Tidally Locked Planets, meaning one side is always facing the star, while the other is facing away from the sun, with a thin band in between that might be habitable.
- Dust Clouds, those pictures you see that look like storms in space, maybe drain certain elements from them?

If anyone has any information on any of these, or ideas for their own, please, comment.

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3/24/2016 10:46 am  #2

Re: No Man's Sky diversity

They've already shown gameplay of ships shooting through asteroid belts, not sure if it gets you resources or not. He's mentioned some planets do have rings, and even they don't know everything the math can generate. Black holes are something he's dodging, saying the same line, that he wants to leave certain things in the game for players to discover. He's admitted straight-out that binary stars (while not common) do exist and stars in different stages of their lifespans exist. The galaxy map does show a few stars to be slightly different colors. Tidally locked planets do exist one side of the planet is perpetually night, one side day. Again, not common, but does exist. not sure about a thin band between the two, I don't think their trying to give a planet more than one or two environments. Weather does exchange, but minimmally. There are planets that have rain, fog, dust storms most of the time, with occasional breaks.


3/24/2016 2:58 pm  #3

Re: No Man's Sky diversity

We can mine asteroids for fuel. In the video from PlayStation Access, Dave mentions he ran out of fuel and mined an asteroid. Around 20 minutes into the video is when Dave talks about heading to another planet and mentions running out of fuel and mining the asteroids. If you haven't watched it, check it out. It's a great video with lots of information.


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