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7/06/2015 10:18 am  #1

Ahoy there!

I've been a huge fan of procedural generation ever since I played a game called Virtual Hydlide for SEGA Saturn, back in 1992-93. That game had, at its core, an engine which built the game world, and everything on it, based on a 10-digit "code", or seed value. The thing that I liked about that was initially the replayablility, but afterward I learned how nice it was to be able to tell a friend to enter the code "COOLWORLD2", and he could visit the same map. It was almost infinitely replayable, yet totally replicable. That fascinated me then, and it still does. I even wrote a note to the developers, suggesting that perhaps they might include entire spherical worlds, stars, moons, planets, etc...generated with the same type of algorithms, in their sequel, if they ever made it. LOL! I went on to say how night/day cycles could be produced simply by letting the universe run, and how you would only ever need "a tiny little window" in a huge world, so data storage/transfer would be minimal. I also talked about having "NPC parts" that could be used to make all NPC's, characters, and portraits unique by the use of sliders, and image morphing. Now, NMS isn't doing that, but it IS doing the exact same thing with plants, animals, and ships.

Well...needless to say, they never wrote me back. LOL! I didn't expect them to, it's just that the game engine intrigued me so much that my brain went into hyperdrive, and I needed to tell someone about it.

I know it's silly, but I feel like somebody is making this game just for me.

God knows I can't make it, and I've made several games myself. This one is probably my best one:
URSUS QUEST: Tree of Life (EDIT: I'll link this when I can

Well it's good to find other people who are anywhere near as excited about this game coming out as I am, and look forward to meeting you all in the game one day (SOON)!

"I imagine that imagination is more important than knowledge, but I don't know."

7/06/2015 4:39 pm  #2

Re: Ahoy there!

Hey Apollonius! Welcome to the forum! I have been a huge fan of space games and No Man's Sky caught my attention when it was first shown at the VGX awards show back in 2013. It blew me away! I made the website and this forum in early 2014, but I can't seem to get people to hang around and post about the game. Hopefully that will change when they announce a release date.
I too contacted Hello Games and got a reply back in early 2014 when I told them about my site, but I haven't heard back from them since. I have sent several messages, but haven't gotten any more replies. I was hoping they would help out the site some with exclusive info or anything really since I was the first No Man's Sky fansite, but that hasn't happened. Oh well, I still post any news I get from other gaming sites, but it would be nice to get more people to come to my site.

I wish I knew how to program. I have so many ideas and have no idea how to go about making them. At least you have tried!

Again, welcome to the site!

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7/09/2015 1:17 pm  #3

Re: Ahoy there!

And I made my games with RPG Maker 3 for PS2, so don't feel bad. It was still a monumental job to make a full game, and it took me over 2 years to make the biggest one, but Sean Murray talks about creating his own engines like it's nothing...LOL! I have never done anything like that, and wouldn't even know where to start.

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"I imagine that imagination is more important than knowledge, but I don't know."
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7/09/2015 8:23 pm  #4

Re: Ahoy there!

Yeah, same here. Making your own game engine is crazy! I'm with you, I wouldn't even know where to start either.

"No matter where you go, there you are." - Buckaroo Banzai

7/15/2015 9:20 am  #5

Re: Ahoy there!

Yeah, um, I'm just trying to learn coding all over again lol

Even though NMS is coming out on PC as well, it's making me want to get a PS4 big time.  Games like this are what "exclusive titles" are all about!

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