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9/27/2016 10:58 pm  #1

lost ship-possible glitch?

morning all
ive been playing a few hors a day and was doin ok
until i spied a derelict ship-swooped down and started stripping it as the derelict was only 29 slots and mu current one was 30 slots
neways after half an hour of tooing and fro-ing my game crashed
on reload my 30 slot fully loaded and pimped ship  was gone leaving me with an empty derilict ship
ive lost all my atlas spheres 6 of them
i was hoping i culd die a few times by sentinal and respawn on a space station with my old ship-but no
im really pissed off
is there anything i can do?
peace jed


9/28/2016 9:33 am  #2

Re: lost ship-possible glitch?

You could have loaded your previous save file. It would have been before you got out of your original ship, well, that is if you hadn't got in and out of your new ship. It saves every time you get out of your ship. When taking over a ship and stripping it, never get in it and get out because it will overwrite your other save file.
Not sure if you know there are 2 save files. Current and previous under the options menu. Well, it is on the PS4 version for me. Not sure what system you are on.
If you have saved over both save files, then I am afraid you are stuck with this ship. Your options are to fix the ship and use it to find a new ship or delete your save files and start a new game. Not sure you would want to do that though. Since you lost your Atlas stones, you would have to buy them, which would be expensive. Sometimes though, when you are in a system with an Atlas station, after you visit the station and visit the planets for a while. Save and exit your game, then reload and visit the Atlas Station again, it resets and you can get an Atlas Stone again. I've done it, but it doesn't always work.
Hope you can figure out something.

"No matter where you go, there you are." - Buckaroo Banzai

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