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12/20/2014 7:51 pm  #1

Log of M. Clarke - Day 1: That escalated quickly

Once I was captivated by the smells of new worlds. Once I was blown away by the diversity of life. Once I was petrified by the size of it all. But now..., now it was just another day on another stinking planet. 

As part of the clean-upcrew on board the Astral Knight my duties never changed. I was to follow the scientists down to the surface, pick up their mess and burn it in the incinerator. A sweltering, stinking and unthankfull job that was asigned to me at birth by some bureaucratic nitwit who was appointed to his job by some other departmental rattle-brain.
I despised my senseless life and knew something had to be altered.

One day exactly that happened. As per usual I had set down my trusty lifepod and started deconstructing a pile of alien life-forms with my multitool when some alarm went off in my helmet, one I'd never heard before. The Astral Knight's gravitationally-locked orbit around the planet started to shift. As it's course went tail-first into the surface I realized the front half of the ship had been torn off, probably by an old satelite or reconnaissance drone. The remainder of the vessel soon incinerated to dust inside the atmosphere and the entire crew was history.

That is how I was left to fend for my own, first on a hostile planet and later in the vast complexity of space.
Where my path takes me, I don't know. All I know is that it's up to me now.

(ex-)Janitor Monjacu Clarke.

4/24/2015 10:42 pm  #2

Re: Log of M. Clarke - Day 1: That escalated quickly

Wow nice and epicly awesome story so good :-]

Never give up you Never go down

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