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7/11/2015 8:03 pm  #1

A Free Procedural Universe Sim!

I just discovered this the other day, and it's basically my dream program. I love it! It combines programs like TerraGen, AstroSynthesis, and Celestia, and makes them all obsolete in the process. You can explore trillians of stars, and way more planets and moons, travel to any place seamlessly, and land on anything!

Space Engine

And here are some screen caps of places that I found! You can fly around (and even do it in a custom ship), but I would do it with the terrain texture level turned down about halfway, unless you happen to have a really good computer. Once you have a cool viewpoint, then you can generate the full-res textures.

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7/11/2015 8:50 pm  #2

Re: A Free Procedural Universe Sim!

Cool! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

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10/03/2015 8:19 pm  #3

Re: A Free Procedural Universe Sim!

Just downloaded it and about to start it now! :D

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