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8/02/2015 12:59 pm  #1

Hello explorers!

Hey, I'm happy we have a fansite and forum! Thanks for setting it up! I'm Jen, I'm from the UK (though I move around quite a bit) and I'm crazy excited for NMS.

I'm still excited by new games from indie and AAA developers... I'm not totally jaded. I'm looking forward to quite a few games that are being released soon. However, I don't think I've been this excited about a game in over 15 years. Everything I've seen from it so far, from the visuals to the ambition is exactly what I've been looking for. It feels like it was made for me I love that they aren't giving us too many details, so we can explore and learn about the universe ourselves. I also like the way they are implementing multiplayer. Sure, it'll be amazing when you first meet another person (if you ever do) but really I just like that we're all the same universe even if you're isolated. I don't need to have 50 players around me at all times, but I must admit that exploring in large game worlds (e.g. Skyrim) feels lonely and dead because it doesn't really matter what I do. I like that your actions (e.g. naming a planet) will leave your mark on the universe shared by all.

I also love the guys at Hello Games and their passion is contagious!


8/02/2015 2:59 pm  #2

Re: Hello explorers!

Hello and welcome to the forums GeneticJen!
I have been a huge fan of space sims my whole life, so I know what you mean about the game is exactly what you have been looking for and that it was made for you. I feel the same way! I think that means we share the same feeling with Sean Murray, which is awesome! I wish I could get him to post on the forums. LOL!
Spread the word to your friends about and hopefully we can get more people to join and post.

"No matter where you go, there you are." - Buckaroo Banzai

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