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3/28/2016 11:23 am  #1

ps4stonemovies to ground control. Come in Ground Control.

I'm not normally the type of guy to live on message boards, but apparently NMS is changing that. I need to talk with others just as stoked for this game as I am. I've been an avid reader of new-age sci-fi (60's-70's) since high school and am in LOVE with this game. I'm watching every video that gets posted. One that gets over-looked a bit is the following: or search youtube for "No Man's Sky: How I Learned to Love Procedural Art" 
I think it's worthwhile to watch, even if it's a half hour long and a little dry.


3/28/2016 2:28 pm  #2

Re: ps4stonemovies to ground control. Come in Ground Control.

I'm with you on being in love with the game. I can't wait to play it.
That video of Grant at GDC was actually posted on here and the main website on April 1st 2015.
It was only available on the GDC website when it was first posted, not on YouTube. I did just edit the original post and added the YouTube video to it. Thanks for posting it.
It is a very interesting video.

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