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4/23/2016 12:19 am  #1


Waiting for No Man's Sky might be the worst thing in the world.... or universe


4/23/2016 12:59 pm  #2

Re: Waiting

Welcome to the forum! I have to agree with you. It seems worse now that we have a release date than when we didn't know when it was coming out.  Not much longer now. Less than 2 months to go.

"No matter where you go, there you are." - Buckaroo Banzai

5/04/2016 5:39 pm  #3

Re: Waiting

My BF and I do a daily countdown... we've actually coincided our summer vacation to release day... lol - so ya - really looking forward to it!


5/06/2016 5:56 am  #4

Re: Waiting

I'm also looking forward to a new video! C'mon Hello Games - do another video of gameplay

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5/06/2016 1:22 pm  #5

Re: Waiting

I'm hoping there will be something at E3, since it's the week before NMS is released.

"No matter where you go, there you are." - Buckaroo Banzai

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